Moving Movies Worldwide

For 40 years we have known the motion picture and cinema industry like no other logistics company.

Some of the most important film distributors are our longtime customers. Our storage holds over a 100 years of film history!

Our key services are not only the inspection, storage, postproduction, filing and dispatching of your motion pictures, we also handle your marketing and promotion material.

This combination makes us unique amongst filmlogisitcs companies. We are familiar with the cinema exhibitors structure and have established trustful cooperations not only with the film distributors but also with the cinema exhibitors.

Thus we can ensure that the motion pictures are reliably delivered in the exact quality that meets the technical requirements of the movie theatre. And we are not only covering the european market - with strong, international partners we operate a worldwide network.

Theatrical delivery services

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Best Service and Highest Quality

Smooth workflows require clear and unrestricted communication. When you call us, you won't be put on hold or have to fight your way through the burocractic jungle of a major cooperation.

With our 24/7 emergency service you will always reach a well informed contact person who will find the right solution for you as fast and flexibly as possible.

Our expert team attends trainings on a regular basis and our digital lab is continously developed to ensure not only the best film quality but also a smooth technical workflow

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